Rainey Neighborhood Traffic Study

How will growth impact traffic and what can we do to provide better access?

This study will include a neighborhood-wide Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA), as well as a review of existing and projected conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders/vehicles, as well as an assessment of both on-street and off-street parking conditions.

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The Final Report

Full Report (pdf)
Appendices (pdf)
Executive Summary (pdf)

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback, ideas, and input into the Rainey Neighborhood Mobility Study. The final report has been published and the consultants have provided presentations to the neighborhood and several entities. Now, it is up to the City of Austin, the neighborhood, and all the stakeholders to work together to bring this vision for a safe, walkable, accessible Rainey to reality.

Data and Maps

Community Workshop #1 materials now available below

The Rainey Neighborhood Traffic Study includes traffic counts that already were conducted in November and December 2016, as well as various other data about the neighborhood.

We will post as much of the data as we think maybe useful to the public here. 

Community Workshop #1

Maps and presentation

Our first community workshop was intended to allow for a large group of stakeholders - about 65 attendees - to give us their ideas for improving transportation in the neighborhood and point out the existing problems.

A presentation included a collection of maps of the neighborhood (small PDF, large PDF)

We used a set of large printed maps for the prioritization exercise (pdf)